• The Boyes Brothers

  • Keeping it all in the Family

    Boyes Brothers Contracting started years before the idea of starting their own professional business service came to them. It had always been a part of Billy’s life and doing this kind of work was natural to him and his family. His father had always been involved in the forest industry – whether it be owning a logging business – or running his own lumber and cedar shake mill in the 100 Mile House area. Surrounded by his father’s work ethic, Billy apprenticed through a renovation company and attended BCIT for the carpentry trade – and with the help of his brother – he started working on renovation projects in and around the lower mainland.

    As founder and principal owner of Boyes Brothers Contracting, Billy Boyes is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who has long held an interest in construction, home renovations, and carpentry. With over a decade of experience, he will work with the customer to make their home or office space unique, suited specifically to their specifications. 

    Billy and the team are able to deliver beautiful, top-quality building and renovations projects for their clients and have earned a reputation for completing their projects on time and on budget. 

    They won’t leave any project until all the fine details are covered.